Student Facility Centre (SFC) also coordinates the Student Mess. During Registration each Student signs a Tenancy Agreement with the Student Facility Centre to take meals at the student mess and each meal taken at the mess is recorded through a computerized system using biometric authentication. IPI is the current catering company. Any non-resident who wishes to access this service is to make their own arrangements with the company.  

Dining Hall (Student Mess)

The Dining Hall provides three meals a day.  The menu varies from local PNG to western styles. The University plans to expend its catering facilities in the near future, to cater for increasing student population. Access to the mess is done only through proxy meal cards and current 2016 ID Cards. The student mess is operated a contracted catering service provider.

Mess Openings: Breakfast (6am- 8am)

 Lunch (11am-1pm)

Dinner (5pm- 7pm)