Accommodation on Unitech Campus is provided for both male and female students and since the spaces are limited conditions do apply.

Government Sponsored students, Corporate or students sponsored by companies and other neighboring Pacific Island countries students, Post Graduates, MPhil and PHD students are given priority.

Fully sponsored students’ rooms are pre allocated before their arrival on campus at the beginning of every academic year. Students pay their required fees before room keys are issued to them. All respective fees got to be paid on time which is the policy of the university. Room keys and other accessories are provided after confirmation of the payment of school fees.

Self-Sponsored students are attended to if and when there are rooms still available and a separate fee is charged for this case and this fee increases almost every year. Self-sponsored students who require rooms are to apply through the Student Support and Facility centre.

There is no accommodation provided for married students who wish to have their family accompany them while on studies. Children, Spouses and relatives are not allowed in the Students Halls at any time. Any female students who are pregnant are not allowed to keep their babies after birth.

All students sign a Tenancy Agreement (TA) Form to abide by all rules and regulations governing the Student Residential Halls.

At the end of the year or in the event when the student is no longer residing in the room he/she has to do formal clearance. Clearance forms are available at the Students Support and Facilities Centre.

Recreational Life

All female students have an Association which organizes sports fun nights, the Bi- Annual Miss Unitech Quest and many other activities. Most of the Recreational activities are organized by the Students Representative Council l (SRC).

Dining and Catering

Student Facility Centre (SFC) also coordinates the Student Mess. During Registration each Student signs a Tenancy Agreement with the Student Facility Centre to take meals at the student mess and each meal taken at the mess is recorded through a computerized system using biometric authentication. IPI is the current catering company. Any non-resident who wishes to access this service is to make their own arrangements with the company.