Since our foundation by an Act of the House of Assembly on 27 May 1965, we have produced over 14.000 graduates, who have successfully found their way into demanding careers inside and outside the country. UNITECH is based on a green residential campus in Lae, the largest port and industrial hub in the country. UNITECH has an active community and cultural life on campus. We are currently governed by the PNG University of Technology Act from 1986.

We are the most innovative and internationally oriented university in PNG and the South Pacific. We are the first university in the world, for example, to have broadband internet through our O3B satellite system. All our first year's students receive a high quality laptop at 50% discount. We have installed open source software (Ubuntu) on most of our computers. We use Google Classroom or Moodle as Learning Management Systems. We have international collaboration through active membership of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and the Magna Charta Universitatum. We are also partners in 4 Erasmus Mundus and 2 Erasmus Plus programs of the European Commission, which allows our staff and students to work and study in Europe, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

We are the only university in Papua New Guinea committed to obtain provisional international accreditation for our programs following the Washington Accords. As a consequence, we are continuously seeking feedback from our industrial partners through our Industrial Advisory Board and Committees, investing in our laboratories and facilities, renewing our courses and programs, and responding to labour market needs. 

We are the only state university to have implemented a full study load according to international standards. Our graduates' employers are generally impressed by the quality of our graduates, and the richness the UNITECH experience has offered them. 

We are responsible employers, and are currently opening and building new facilities on campus for our culturally diverse staff and student populations. We provide pre-school on campus, and there are excellent elementary and secondary schools nearby.


Dr. Ora Renagi, OL​
Vice Chancellor