Sporting is becoming a very attractive and popular recreational activity for many students and the University has good facilities for that purpose.  There are two large sporting ovals containing pitches for Australian Rules, Rugby League and Union, Tennis, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Athletics, Basketball, Netball and Hockey.

The University hopes in the near future to have an all purpose-built gymnasium for indoor sports, but in the meantime the Union Hall is used for weightlifting, table tennis, gymnastics, boxing and many other indoor sports.  Golf, squash and swimming are provided for outside the University campus by membership to the outside clubs.  Regular sporting competitions are organized, involving both staff and students by the Sports Co-ordinator.  The University additionally hosts Provincial Sporting Competitions, School Competitions and outside sponsored events and participates in the National Union of Students (NUS)  Sports Competition.

University students have on a number of occasions represented the University and the Country in Provincial, National and International Competitions, and University authorities make every attempt to encourage such participation by approving special arrangements for classes and examinations where necessary.