The Student Representative Council (SRC) is an integral part of the university and represents the student body in all matters concerning its interests and welfare.  The President of the SRC and its executives, who are usually, full-time students, are elected annually by the student body. Under the SRC, the various sub-committees created to cater for students interest are; Social, Student Welfare, Disciplinary, Messing, Finance, Publications, Users and Transport. The SRC appoints representatives to the various decision-making bodies of the University affecting both its academic and non-academic life.  There are student representatives on the Academic Board, the Admissions Committee, the Courses Committee, the Finance & General Purposes Committee and the Library Committee.  There are two student representatives on the University Council, the chief decision making body of the University.  Students are thus represented at the various levels of the University’s structure and are able, to contribute effectively to the welfare of the students and the university as a whole.

Some of the activities that the SRC organizes includes Inter-school sporting and recreational activities; Debates; Talent nights; Fashion Shows; Open Day, Career Fair and Independence Cultural shows every year.